About us

Welcome to the Digibowl Marketing blog! This blog will help you learn current trends in digital marketing as well as delving into how society as a whole has lots to teach us about marketing. We Issue a new blog once every week or more if you are lucky (depending on your definition of luck) Get to know the team behind DiGiBoWl.

Joseph Chimkupete, Msc 

  • United Kingdom/ Zimbabwean
  • 24 Years of Age
  • Likes: Calisthenics, Piano, VoiceCinematography
  • Digibowl Marketing Channel
  • Africans In Shape Channel



Zvikomborero Chimkupete

  • United Kingdom / Zimbabwean
  • 21 Years Of Age
  • Studied Business Management with Marketing at Pearson College London
  • Zee Freddie Periscope
  • zee



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