3 Marketing Lessons I’ve Learned From Jeremy Corbyn – The Unlikely Innovator


3 Marketing Lessons I’ve Learned From Jeremy Corbyn – The Unlikely Innovator

One thing you will see from my blog is that I am an observer and can unequivocally say that I learn a lot from people in the spotlight, and in this case, Jeremy Corbyn. Whether good, bad or ugly Jeremy Corbyn has asked some pretty tough questions and been very abrupt in his politics going agains the status quo. Below are three things that  I feel have made his brand what it is.

1.Being Different By Being the same – The Reinvention

Mr Corbyn has displayed an enormous amount of innovation and has probably being the most unlikely to do so. “Being Different by Being the same”. We have often heard businesses are encouraged to be innovative and consumers always expect a business to act differently to achieve a new way of thinking. In contrast Jeremy Corbyn has exhibited that even as time changes and agendas change with them the issues of the forgotten left still resonate within him and he makes this apparent in all of his actions. Mr Corbyn acts unapologetically and often asks that toughest questions amongst the politicians, these questions are ones which he himself cannot answer nor can his peers which make them such great questions for debate.

Jeremy Corbyn teaches us that it is that I’m likely innovation that is overlooked in the airline industry it can be recognised from virgin airlines first route, New York to London or even when we look at the state of radio following demise from television and being we invented through podcasting. Another great example can be seen from disposable nappies which were introduced in the 1930s failed and reintroduced in the 1960s where they’ve held position until the present day.

Because Jeremy Corbyn still holds the same values which have been lost throughout time it has made in different from the competition and a standout amongst politicians.

2.Engaging with digital marketing

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 11.52.35.png

Jeremy Corbin opened up a twitter accounts in 2010 and has already surpassed some of his political rivals Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall in terms of follower count. At one point Jeremy corbyn had Hashtag #JezWeCan was being at least once every 25 seconds. This social media momentum was translated into Jeremy Corbyn’s success in the Labour Party  leader elections.  not to say that the same people that made his name so relevant on social media were the reason why he won, instead the strengths and his brand awareness which help get his message known.

Jacques de Cock of the London School of Marketing says: “Like virtually all unexpected winners since Barack Obama, the viral nature of social media has proved to spread a positive message well. This may not have been a professionally calculated activity, but rather an organic phenomenon.”

Just like with any other business I would advise that digital marketing is one of the most important factors you can use for marketing. It seems Jeremy Corbyn has been very engaged with his social media even tweeting out “what should I ask at the first Prime Minister’s question Time” on Wednesday to his following of  850,000 users.  Digital is generally at the front of his mind when it comes to communicating with his members and followers.

Tom Watson deputy leader was the digital manager under Gordon Brown’s Labour leadership and outlined how digital was important stepping stone for the Labour Party to engage have growth.

“We have to think again about what we offer and how we communicate it. We are putting members and councillors at the centre of everything we do and will lead a revolution in our digital campaigning and organisation,” he said.

Watson then Highlighted that not putting their people at the centre of the movement would be a mistake.

3. The truth shall set you free. 


Jeremy Corbyn was also a standout in the political field because of his conviction to being honest and upholding his personal values. At a time where the general public had given up and cornered politics to be a “game” that many wide and cheated in to be successful. We do not have to look far yo recognise the most recent lies told by MPs, for example £320 million saving from exiting the EU? Or perhaps the falseness  in the Conservative party where politicians threw each other under the bus for power? Or would we like to revisit the propaganda posted frequently about refugees when the UK only has housed like 4.

it seems as though politics and democracy have become professional and  remove from the electorate. It is far more important for politicians talk to improve branding and objectives and are masters in campaigning. In contrast to Jeremy Corbyn often talks without this cognisance, but rather speaks what he feels which is often controversial and problematic for the branding of the Labour Party (according to some mps).  The Conservative party also are no fans of Jeremy Corbyn’s broad thinking  and have started campaigns to dismiss him as unelectable using fear, uncertainty and doubt.





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