Why Marketeers should connect with strangers on Linked In – 4 Reasons

As a marketing professional I regularly encourage people to engage with others and I advise that individuals learn to be more willing to connect with strangers if they want to be successful in entrepreneurial  desires.

4 Reasons to Connect to Strangers

  1. Drive Traffic to your projects – More connections = more eyeballs.
  2. Build your Database & No. of Leads – Since Linked accepts you to export Contacts, it is easy to download and load them up to your databases.
  3. To create More Opportunities – Manufacture Serendipity, Strategic connection can help you share projects, crowd fund and even find investors
  4. To build thought leadership and gain influence.The more people you connect with, inspire, help, and influence, the larger your authority becomes

I’m a great believer of ” it’s not what you know but who you know” – Wise Man, 200 BC. Success in business often comes from who you have access to.

However I am not naive enough to ignore that in some cases scarcity can make you as a product more valuable, in contrast I still stick with my main position that the more people in your circle the more chances you have of reaching your desired market.  the common starts you hear about this matter in TV shows, movies and amongst friends is the encouragement of keeping a “small circle”, This is not how you should look at business. Its common logic if you cast a net to audience the chances are you are going to catch more fish (in this case fish being desired target market consumer).

I do appreciate 2 main problems that may arise from irresponsibly connecting with multiple people on a regular basis:

  • Becoming connected to a LinkedIn Member acts as an endorsement
  • The sum value of your linkedIn connections will diminish.

Unlike twitter or Facebook  LinkedIn can be used for business practices, and its users expect to have connections that are strictly for business.  with that said linkedIn discourages the connection of their users with strangers and in fact punishes those who do.  “you’ll be asked to enter an email address with each future invitation.”, … if a Linked In member “rats” you out during a connection request.

My experience with explorative Linked In connections have helped me:

  • Get a job interview at OCR
  • Business Idea proposals
  • Head hunting
  • Passive Mentoring
  • develop projects with skilled individuals

LinkedIn  somehow recognises its social networkers connections to the sun sorts of secret that needs protection, I do not subscribe to this notion. The benefit of connecting with people on LinkedIn rather than other social media networks is that generally those with a profile on LinkedIn are not going to be accounts that will give you inappropriate backlash with multitudes of curse words in a message. Connections/contacts are trying to promote themselves so you don’t get the average 12 year old Vicious keyboard spam warrior that you attract on twitter.

Disagree with my thoughts on LinkedIn invitations? I’d love to read your comments.


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