4 Brand Values that got Donald Trump in the White House.

Whether you support Trump or not, one thing none can deny is that he is an excellent business man and a great marketer. From the run up all the way until his 100th day in office he has shown the same character and has displayed some noteworthy practises.


Be Genuine

In Marketing it so important that companies are genuine and always pot ray themselves as trustworthy businesses. Before Donald trump was the political character he is now, he was a Native New Yorker! He was already a celebrity with a hit TV show, Celebrity Apprentice, and a glamorous reputation as luxury hotel.  The critics say, for those who do not know him this is exactly who he is except his subject matter has changed to politics.

The lesson we have learned from him is that your brand needs to stand for something completely true to you, “no man is an island” so what ever you believe to be true, the chances are there is a collective out there that share this opinion. For those who do not share the opinion, at least they can appreciate that he is honest and stays true to his message. What we found in this election is that even though trump had many policies that were not aimed at the majority he still had one characteristic that resonated the mass population,  honesty.

03 trump quotes

The fact that he was a true representation of himself had more to do with his victory than  his actual policies. If we really think back, Donald Trump has never apologised for statements whether on twitter or in a rally that he has made,  regardless of how incorrect or morally wrong they are.

Donald’s “Donald Trump’s” attitude towards apologies raises interesting points for how plans should interact with negative criticism. When a brand makes a Twitter message that other followers disagree with should a brand delete that message? Should they replied back to the follower? Or do they carry on with posting similar stance messages.

the dilemma is that if Donald Trump were to apologise for his statements he would pay in sincere or disingenuous. It is tricky for companies to draw the line between responding to a customer’s negative experience with a product however is a risk that brands take when they don’t apologise, for example with their American Airlines situation where in fact when against public criticism in defending his company. for American Airlines their opinion affected their overall brand negatively however Donald Trump’s brand increases in power with the Moors in diction he has statements against public favour.  Donald trumps boldness  is refreshing and is something that not all companies can pull off clearly however he states true to your brand the brand will surely strengthen, and if your brand is a brash impulsive character with extreme opinions that is understood and accepted in the bigger picture by the target demographic.

Niche Targeting

unlike other politicians who aim to please the majority of the country, Donald trump new his audience and only represented that group. As I said early Donald trump acts as if he is a company, so when he spews his messages, he does not crave mass appeal but only a proportion of the public that resonate with his message. Trump does realise that certain people may choose to hate rather than love him, in response he does not choose to change the content of his message (Product Offering) but rather the way in which he delivers his message. If you notice, before November 2016 he acted very much the same in how volatile and unproductive manner, but his statements had less rationale and were base on gaining common ground and momentum with his target market.

Just like the far right parties in Europe trump speaks to a lot of people who feel unnerved by foreign forces. But unlike these parties trump does not in any way pander to the other voters but stick to his agenda with a stanch “I don’t care what the experts think” attitude that appeals to Republican primary voters.

Take risks

giphy (1)

In politics it is known that politicians issue very gentle and watered-down comments in aim to appease the general masses. In controlling trump did not attack politics in the same way as Hillary Clinton or other members of political parties did. Trump took risks  and often said many outlandish things that will gain attention, for example when he announced that he would ban all masters from the country. This showed that front spoke is my and statement like these in general before he said it would be considered as racists and anti-Islamic stop.However when Donald Trump says a statement like this it appears as him being himself, a real all states American.

Trump is not afraid of what other people think and it shows,   just like business would take calculated risk in order to fulfil the business objectives. He takes extreme risks which in hindsight are upper judgement if they are carefully considered or impulsive.

Social Media! Social Media! Social Media!

In interview with CBS Donald Trump made a series of statements about social media and its impact on his presidential race. At this point Donald Trump had been elected as the Republican representative let alone the president but he knew that his power line in his communication and as a business he would know that marketing is 100% communication between the brand and the customer’s.

Tnald talked about social media saying “It’s a modern form of communication, between Face– you know, Facebook and Twitter and I guess Instagram, I have 28 million people. 28 million–” .  hearing use boasting about his fellowship on social media this is clearly it’s seen as a strength for him and he knows that social media is the key to his presidency.


He then mentions in the same interview ” I have such power in terms of numbers with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et cetera, I think it helped me win all of these races where they’re spending much more money than I spent. And I won. I think that social media has more power than the money they spent” this tells me that as a marketer Donald Trump knew that social media had a “hints on gaining votes compared to money spent at on campaign trail is that involved TV direct marketing and even attending events exhibitions to market yourself as the next leader of American. It is not the first time that new technology has been a key reason why presidential figures have been elected, for example JFK was known first from appearing on television; Ronald Reagan, who was a fully fledged movie star;  FDR reuse the radio which were the very new piece of technology at that time to influence voters and to stand out from the crowd even those entering politics on a more junior level such as Arnold Swarts Necker used media to amplify his brand to the point where was powerful enough to reign over California.

Donald Trump knew that at three powerful tool was eyes fingertips, social media has been able to reach millions of people across the globe which then treated immense amount of attention which is key in marketing and that is what  led him to the position where he is.



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