What Is Brand Identity – a closer look at the brand Identity Prism)

A close look at Brand identity and the 2 models popularised in the field.

Brand identity develops from the source of the company is a company’s vision and the general meaning of the brand identity is what a brand generally means. Brand Identity is strategic & is a reality of a companies views about itself. It represents a desire that looks ahead and signifies the way you want to be and is a total promise a company makes to its self. Brand identity focuses on the company and is created by managerial activities of the company it is the encoding portion of the communication process where it represents materials made and pushed to the masses (consumer).


International Communication ProcessWhen managers establish an authentic brand identity they find common ground between Brand Values and the Brands stakeholders i.e. the Consumers, Employees, shareholders and environment society. A strong brand identity demonstrate clear simple and differentiated positioning it also has a distinct personality and consistent communication to customers. Kapferer (2008) describes brand identity,

“A Brand is not the name of a product. Is the vision that drives the creation of products and services under that name. That vision, the key belief of the brands and its core values is called identity”

Below is the brand identity prism (Kapferer, 2008) that shows the elements that make up identity are self image, culture, personality, physics, relationship and reflection. from right to left it shows how internalisation from what the sender gives out send out being the company is then judge and synthesised by the receiver using the left side of the prison physics relationships and reflection physics this is a set of a

physical features and I revoked in people’s minds when a brand is mentioned Further states that this aspect has to be considered on the basis of the brand.



Personality is a brands character this can be realised by using a specific style of writing using specific design features in specific associations and using specific colour scheme. is A celebrity can be used to manifest personality, for example Nespresso where George Clooney is used in advertising consistently os seen just like the actor, classy, sophisticated and exciting.


Culture is a system of values and basic principles on which brand has to be based on many associations area I’ll linked to the country of origin for example McDonald’s is heavily linked with his American roots and the same goes the Mercedes-Benz which is heavily linked to its German values just centred around good quality engineering whereas American culture is centred around individuality outgoingness and power.


The strength of the relationship between the branding customer is very important when it comes to forming brand identity. It may represent beliefs and associations in the human world. A brand can symbolise a certain relationship between them and customers and requires brand managers to express the relationship of the brand for example Amazon and Ali express  have great and open refund policies and guarantees safe delivery and quality of products and reassuring customers if they are unsatisfied with products they can get their money back.


what is the brand represented in the customers mind set. Reflection makes reference to stereotypical user or target user of the product and is a source of identification for example in Coca-Cola, it uses a lot of young people in their 20s or late teens this shows the brand identifies with young people although it is market might be border. Abercrombie and Fitch use undressed muscular men to get people who see themselves as muscular and fit use the product, as it reflects them.

Self image

How does the brand how does the costs of see himself when compared to self image is the kind of mirror target group holds to itself for example if the target market can see themselves using the product then accurately identifies with that target market below is a prison I made to identify Adidas as you can see the physique is product orientated comforter ball quality and range of choice personality is sporty unique trendy athletic self image is athletic loyal towards other brand called and trendy and so on with the other features of the prison in Keller’s consumer-based brand equity model (1993) your place brand identity on the second level of the trying where imagery and performance will be taken into account this is because at this level of that model Keller shows it is about identifyingwhat the company means the company are as opposed to the bottom level that identifies what the company is and the level above that that identifies what the product means to consumers


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