A good individual service about video website


There is a ver famous video’s website Youtube, https://www.youtube.com/. In this website, we can find more information about music or some new movie, for example, at the top of home page, a clearly search funication can give consumer’s help, alos, there are many video that is popular and recommend for people. However, people can register a account, and then, the website will check the video which you watched, also, they will give you some releated video and recommend for you next time, that is a good individual service.

Alos, for the website, commerical value is very important, and the click rate is a provement, it can help the website to attract many advertisting costs, when people click a video, it will show a advertisting and after 4seconds, people can skip it, and give consumers’ wonderful video, and at the same time, make money from other company is easy


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