The importance of web design in digital marketing strategies

Digital marketing is based on the internet to implement marketing strategies by mobile devices, such as computers, phones, and tablets. Website is the most one important area for digital marketing strategy, because of the high visit. So web design is important to digital marketing strategy. A good website can enhance customers’ online engagement, promote the connection between consumers and organizations. The style of a website could reflect the brand’s history and personality, so basically, website design affects the brand community and brand relationship in companies’ marketing strategy. So web design is important in digital marketing strategy.

By Hao chen

Content is king!
Content of digital marketing can be divided into two sectors, which are aesthetics and marketing mix. Special attention must be paid to aesthetics, not only because aesthetic elements are often important indicators of online vendor quality (Vrechopoulos et al., 2000) but also form the main clue of vendor and Web site credibility for the majority of Web users (Fogg et al., 2002). The aim of artistic online design would be appealing more potential travellers to browse and engage the whole atmosphere.
Researchers (Dixon and Blois, 1983; Gronroos, 1994; Gummesson, 1997; Goldsmith, 1999) agree that the marketing mix’s 4Ps – including fulfilment – are essential contributors to the Web experience. Based on the literature review of multiple sources, it can be dramatically understand the crucial role of content in digital marketing.

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By Yaqian Gu

A good website design play an important role in the digital marketing strategy. Firstly, a good web site can represent the image of a company or product. In order to attract consumer and left an good impression, web designers should understand the background of the company and consider the needs of the consumers. Another hand web site is a medium of communication between companies and consumers, it will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty to the companyin virtually. Of course, the company needs to update web page content frequently, let visitors return again and increase the contact and interact with them.

By Silu Hua

Nowadays, more and more people cannot living without internet, such as people through internet to seek news, gossip news, some new information about movie and music and so on. However, there are many ways can help people to find those information, people can through Media such as smart phone, TV, internet and magazine, and digital marketing is a good way for people from paper trade become to paperless trading, it has more advantages, for example, in the history, people delivery information often use the carriage to transport other places, and then, Watt invented the steam engine, people stat to use the Steam Locomotive to transport goods, and when we have the internet, it makes people’s life batter than before, because we can use internet to understand some goods’ information and email for your friends, and don’t wait for long times.

By Chao Gao

Web design consists of a wide range of elements that contribute to the look and feel of a website. Some examples are colors, typography, layout,… Web design influences the usability, interactivity and the extent to which your website is recognizable. It also influences the click patterns on your website and consequently the number of new leads your website generates. Not only is it important to have a coherent web design, it is also very important that your online design strategy aligns with your offline strategy. To make sure that, regardless of the platform, your consumers and leads will recognize your brand immediately.

By Ben Deglinne


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