Facebook to take on Linkedin : Brave or stupid

facebook is launching a new app that will be completely separate from its main platform. It aims to challenge linked in and threatens other established social tools targeted for businesses such as yammer. Its aim is to expand us presence at work and other companies, helps coworkers share information. It was suggested to be advantages as a huge multitude of workforce was already on the mother site.. The new app prides its self on its security and because of the short comings of other social networks tailored for professional companies such as yammer have been in entering the market

Facebook’s selling point will be familiarity, which should make it easier for people to adapt to the service. Lars Rasmussen, the engineering director at Facebook who worked on the new software, said in an email, “We’ve been using Facebook for work for many years now internally, and we’ve gained a lot of insight into how people can collaborate more efficiently.”BN-GK763_fbatwo_G_20150114000330

Right now there is a pilot version being used by a few select companies with no ads or monetisation thoughts being considered , but now the question is will companies be willing to take this on given facebooks current image to the public.


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