Information in Digital Marketing


In marketing concepts, information itself does not have practical values. But, information would have values when it is delivered and transported with products and services. In today’s digital marketing environment, the information has grew to big data time, opportunities in digital marketing is to find out the core information, and use it to resolve consumers problems. According to Rowley ( 2002 ), digital information fulfils two roles : A significant component of e-commerce activity and public sector e-enterprise relates to the marketing and delivery of information products. And human contact in promotion of products and services by e-merchants. In a same industry, the core information is almost same, to be differentiation, the actual information and augmented information are needed. By adding different actual and augmented information on products or services can make goods and services have augmented values, and different from others. The internet is a channel of information, information transported in right way and time is the essential condition for digital marketing.

Information management is also important in digital marketing. E-commerce activities can record the information of consumers’ consumption, to generate the preference information. Marketers can deliver information to consumers by social media or internet, and it would be more efficiently. Amazon is implementing this method in their information management. Information regarded as a bridge in connecting with customers and organizations. However, it is an interactive process. So in practical marketing communication, the application of Facebook, Twitter and social media is important for companies. Furthermore, an advertising information in digital marketing should made up with creating presence, creating relationship, and creating mutual value. By doing these procedures, the information of products and service could be transported efficiently with high values.

By Hao Chen

10404152_10203017885276821_296786602740425458_nYou may ask yourself why seek help updating your current company website? If it is outdated there is a plethora of research out there that shows that Just the aesthetics of a website can increase positive actions of the consumer.

I turns out change in colour font alone can help consumers be more indulgent, view your website according to its colour category and importantly change perceptions of variables like download speed and quality to name a few. Some may ask why but the reason why something as superficial as a website can change consumers actions is because many things that can be applied in psychology and consumer behaviours are being reinvented and applied online and the results are dramatic. Web design incubuses a few different dynamics but 5 popular marketing relevant ideas are Navigatability, Complexity, Security/trust, Interactivity, and Aesthetics. an by just encorporating some of these design feature a company can improve it site usability and consumer satisfaction

By Joseph Chimkupete


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