Facebook tracking you everywhere on the internet

Recently, Facebook would implement a new privacy policy on January 30. The new privacy policy allows the site to track users’ activities on the internet, even when users arent online. The site will send users advertisements based on their preferences, which summarized by users’ online activities, which conflicts with current privacy issues..


In my personal opinion, I think the new privacy policy is not a appropriate policy for Facebook users. The site claims all users have automatically signed up to it, users even do not have option. Furthermore, if users want to opt out. They have to get the permission from European Digital Advertising Alliance. Both the track service and advertising notification may cause dislike among users.

However, users can opt out of advertising on a special setting page for ads. So the new policy would not interrupt some users seriously who dislike advertisements. On the contract, some users who like ads can set their preferences. Advertising is key to Facebook’s revenues, by doing this advertising activity, advertisements can focus on segments population and better marketing.

Today’s internet is a big data time, what companies or professional should do is to integrate the information, to figure out what is consumers real needs and demands, and then, satisfying their needs. In Facebook’s plan, the change enables it to gather data from activities across the internet, as well as the normal information between you and friends. Also it allows the information can be passed to other branches like Instagram. The procedure is a integration process of big data, and Facebook can figure out more trends among users and consumers needs by doing this.

By Hao Chen


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