Four factors that influenced design of website

1.Design and layout

As website design, it is important to understand that design is not only about making a site look good. It needs to take the website design as a whole program including designing graphic, texts and layout pages. According to (George 2011) research that showing that when visitors open a website and decide whether stay or not only lasts 6-8 seconds. Therefore, it is clearly can be understood that focus eyes on important issues would be the key to maintain target audience’s attentions. Otherwise, the more chance would be close the tab or click back button.
There is an example of well design and layout website called mint.
This popular website is the personal finance management software, which is easy to manage your money. A solid visual aids and clear content would be easier to read for every target audience. There is no other distracted pictures and banners, just focus on its beneficial functions and outstand by its website design and layout simultaneously in mobile devices and tablets because of widely use of multiple electronic devices. Stephanie (2012) mentioned that the caution would be keeping the same perfect layout and design (conversion optimization) when consider target audience to shift their devices.

2.Marketing and promotions

Before having solid marketing plans and promotional ideas for the website, it is crucial to understand and establish clear objectives for operating and running this site. As the new startup website, there is no doubt for increasing awareness and generate buzz. Therefore, social media as a huge platform might do favor of gathering target audience. It is not a fresh idea for integrating websites with social media in order to create an interaction between two. There are some suggested ways to pitch target audience through social media channels claimed by George (2011). Regularly link back to your site in your social media postings. Put headlines of websites in social media and have ways to share your contents on their social media tools.

Aside of using social media, maybe it is good to make some creative materials for bounding links with other powerful and well-know websites in order to attempt more traffic just like online alliance.


Navigation means how the visitors of website would be surfing or navigating over website(Yanuar,2010). The website with some complex navigation features would take visitors long time while navigating through all the pages of website. So, it is advisable here that it must keep the navigation properties of website as simple as possible.
Tesco is good use of navigation factor on their online shop website. It is clearly for consumer to find out that product on which item. Also the design of navigation kept as simple as possible.

4.Content management

As Jennifer (2014)pointed out “What your customers are coming to your web page for is the content. And if your designs, architectures, and interactivity don’t provide that content they will leave. At the end of the day content is still a king, and designers who forget that won’t remain in business long.” The content can help visitors read website more effectively. And combined with paragraphs and links make the words easier to read that readers will comprehend and enjoy. Therefore, it is important to easily create new and fresh content. Moreover, the content needs to be updates in order to attract visitors to visit again and again.

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