Superstar Rihanna set for Multi-Year Endorsement Deal Starting January 2015

Once again balance theory has made yet another company link up with superstar Rihanna in a huge deal alongside other famous faces like Usain Bolt and and Italian football star Mario Balotteli. The deal was initiated on 16 of december 2015 and will be added on the wagon of her other successful deals ranging from Boy London to Kodak.

Rihanna: the new face of Puma women’s training collection (photo: donbleek)
Rihanna: the new face of Puma women’s training collection (photo: donbleek)

“Market research shows that Rihanna, although she’s not an athlete, is an icon for our main target group,” said Puma Chief Executive Bjørn Gulden in an interview. The upcoming market campaign features the songstress despite her not being a huge influence within fitness but being the influence of their target group.

Despite her direct link with fitness Puma boss commented regarding her sleek and toned figure to be an attraction their young female target group can be motivated by. “I’m excited for you to see what Puma and I come up with,” Rihanna said in a statement.The female fitness segment “has enormous growth potential, all over the world,” Mr. Gulden said. “The future is female.”

Puma has previously struggled to pivot from their current perception but given the influence of their latest endorsement look to stride forward into top fitness brands.


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